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After  many years of observations of BoB losses in the industry and evaluations of solutions currently available, our technical development began in May 2016, and the innovative new BoB solution launched in January 2020.

A strategic partnership with Phase IV Engineering Inc. , an industry  leading RFID development firm, created the most innovative and effective BoB solution for all Retail stores. 


The BoB Problem

"BoB" losses occur when items on the bottom of a shopping cart pass through the point of sale without payment.

BoB losses occur due to customer errors, cashier errors, or guest malfeasance.

1 in every 100 baskets experience a BoB loss.

Each loss is estimated at $10.59.  

In the United States alone, Industry wide BoB losses are an estimated 1 billion dollars annually.


The BoB Profit Partners Solution

Carts will be affixed with a BoB Sensor. An innovative patent pending technology to accurately detect BoB items. 

Very small, durable, hardened sensor box.  We handle the install. Fast and easy.

Lanes will be equipped with a BoB Reader. Small and hidden from view . We handle the install. 

POS lanes have a visible BoB Indicator notifying the cashier AND the guest of a BoB item. 

Simple and powerful method to reduce losses. 

You choose the message its completely configurable.

We do the install. Fast and easy. 

Highly effective because it allows for guest notification of the BoB item as well as the cashier notification for proper ringing of all BoB items. 

This is the simple, easy and accurate BoB process you have been looking for.   

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